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Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian was made famous as one of the lawyers for O. J. Simpson during the huge murder trial. Rob handled the fame well, and his family, as precious as they are, became instant hits with fans everywhere. He was not only a defense attorney for O.J., but he was a friend as well.

Robert Kardashian photos can be found anywhere on the internet, from his time at trial to time with his family. He sadly died in 2003 of cancer, leaving his legacy behind.

His death was taken very hard in the Kardashian family, as it would any family. He was a devoted husband and a wonderful father. Robert Kardashian photos are all over the Kardashian home, even though Kris, his former wife, has since remarried. Kris makes sure that her daughters know and remember as much about their father as possible.

Robert Kardashian photos keep him alive in the home in a sense. As the girls Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, were smitten with their father, he remains a staple in their life. As any young girls losing their father would, they keep photos of their father, and they do everything they can to keep his memory alive.

There was an episode on their reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, that featured the family on the anniversary of Robert’s death. The girls held on to their Robert Kardashian photos, featuring him playing with them, as they got through the hard day.

As with any family member that has passed on, photos help us remember all that we can, and they help us keep those memories as alive as we can. Robert Kardashian photos can be found everywhere from his trial and time with his daughters playing in the yard.

The Kardashian family has since then become a huge hit in Hollywood and are making their place in Hollywood history. With the reality show being a huge hit, and each of the Kardashian family members having their own niche in the industry, they have become a staple in Hollywood!

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